Custom Diet – Cereal Grain Based Rat and Mouse

Of all of the experimental work requiring dietary modifications, the most common would be with rats and mice. Specialty Feeds routinely makes a wide range of cereal based and semi-pure diets for rodents. Below is a range of such diets as examples, please contact us if you require a diet not shown.

Control Diets

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Protein (Amino Acid) Modifications

Protein (Amino Acid) Modifications Information

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Carbohydrate/Fibre Modifications

Carbohydrate/Fibre Modifications Information

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Lipid Modifications

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Mineral Modifications

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Vitamin Modifications

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Medicated Laboratory Animal Diets

Medications can be incorporated into almost any diet.  Examples of common medications include:

  • Addition of Fenbendazole to rodent diet for the control of pin worm.
  • Addition of coccidiostats to rabbit, poultry or ruminant diets.

In our large scale plant the only medication we use is Fenbendazole. Following manufacture of fenbendazole diets we have a rigorous cleaning procedure aiming to eliminate residual medication.

Our small scale plant is specifically designed so that it can be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly between batches of feed, this reduces the risk of cross contamination. In this plant we can incorporate almost any drug into diets, with some restrictions to ensure the safety of our staff.

In Australia a veterinary prescription is required for the incorporation of medications into feeds.

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Diets including compounds for inducible genes

Increasingly research is being assisted by incorporating inducible genes.  The compounds used are often regulated pharmaceuticals (S4 in Australia) including:

  • Doxycycline incorporated at varying doses.
  • Tetracycline incorporated at varying doses.
  • Tamoxifen incorporated at varying doses.

In Australia a veterinary prescription is required for the incorporation of S4 medications into feeds.

If you require us to incorporate a different compound or a compound at a differing dose than the list below please contact us.

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Other Inclusions

Other Inclusions Information

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