Specialty Feeds

Specialists in feeding laboratory animals

Providing quality nutrition in production and research diets

Specialty Feeds has evolved from Glen Forrest Stockfeeders, a company which was established around 40 years ago as a manufacturer of quality feeds for farm and domestic animals. During that time the focus of the business has shifted, and whilst quality has retained a key role in the operation, the type of feed we make has changed.

We now mainly supply diets to the research community – largely small animals in laboratories but also farm animals for agricultural research and native animals for environmental projects.

We also still have a small retail shop, and make a range of stockfeed for the local market.

Company Policy

Specialty Feeds makes feeds for the production and maintenance of animals in many different environments. We aim to excel at this by:

  • Ensuring that the diets we produce meet the requirements of both animals and their carers
  • Ensuring quality in raw materials, processing, packaging and delivery
  • Ensuring good communication with our customers, regarding them as important partners in our operation
  • Ensuring we meet or exceed all statutory and legal requirements
  • Adopting a policy of continuous improvement

Specialty Feeds is a FeedSafe accredited facility and a member of the Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia. We are also ISO 9001 compliant and an Australian Trusted Trader. In 2023 we became inaugural supporters of the ANZCCART Openness Agreement on Animal Research & Teaching in Australia.

Specialty Feeds is very proud to support the work done by APOPO Hero Rats by donating feed to their facility. To find out more about the work APOPO’s HeroRATS do please click the link above or look up APOPO’s HeroRATs Facebook to see the latest videos from this organisation.