SF06-053 – Soya Free Rat and Mouse Diet


A fixed formulation diet for laboratory rodents of all ages, based on our standard rat and mouse diet
but free of soya meal and lupins.

  • This diet was designed to reduce phytoestrogen content. Gas chromatography – Mass
    spectrophotometry analysis indicates a range of phytosterols are present, however in
    bioassays the activity is very low or not detectable.
  • Although several research groups have been using the diet for some time as a low
    phytoestrogen diet, care must be taken in contemplating the use of this diet as completely
    free of phytosterol activity.
  • Analyses could not detect isoflavones or phytoestrogens in this diet but to be confident of a truly phytosterol free diet we recommend the semi-pure diet AIN93G.


Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords: phytoestrogen free, phytosterol free, alfalfa, leucerne, genstein, isoflavones