SF01-002 0.2% Sodium Rat and Mouse


A controlled sodium cereal diet.

  • This diet has been designed as part of a series of diets with increasing sodium and chloride content. The basal diet is SF01-001 with added sodium chloride. No correction was made for the dilution effect of the added salt. Hence as the salt content increases there are small changes in all nutritional parameters
  • All other nutritional parameters of this diet meet or exceed the NRC guidelines for Rats and Mice.
  • This diet is free of mammalian and fish meal. All ingredients are of vegetable origin.
  • For other information refer to Standard Rat and Mouse Cubes data sheet.
  • The feed is manufactured in a cylindrical form with a diameter of around 12 mm, length is variable from 10 mm to 30 mm.
  • The diet is packed in 5 Kg low gas permeability bags. Vacuum sealed after filling with nitrogen. 2 x 5 Kg bags are loaded into a cardboard carton. This packing form is suited to irradiation, if diet is to be autoclaved it must be transferred into permeable packing.
  • A suitable control diet is SF01-002 but Rat and Mouse cubes could be used.

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords: low salt, controlled salt,