SF16-096 23% Fat, High Simple Carbohydrate 0.19% Cholesterol Semi-Pure Rodent Diet with extra Vitamins for irradiation


A semi-pure diet formulation for laboratory rats and mice based on AIN-93G.

  • The fat content has been increased to 23%

  • Sucrose content has been increased to improve pellet strength

  • Starch content has been reduced.

  • Cholesterol has been added at 0.19%.

  • A suitable control diet is AIN93G or AIN93M
  • This diet is based on SF03-020 with an increased vitamin level. This is to allow for the expected vitamin loss after irradiation at 25 KGy
  • We also make a version of this diet, SF15-059 with banana flavour to improve palatability

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords: cardiovascular disease model, type 2 diabetes model, metabolic syndrome model, diet-induced Obesity, hyperlipidaemia, hyperlipidemia, atherogenic