SF03-020 23% Fat, High Simple Carbohydrate 0.19% Cholesterol Semi-Pure Rodent Diet


A semi-pure diet formulation for laboratory rats and mice based on AIN-93G.

  • The fat content has been increased to 23%

  • Sucrose content has been increased to improve pellet strength

  • Starch content has been reduced.

  • Cholesterol has been added at 0.19%.

  • A suitable control diet is AIN93G or AIN93M
  • We have evidence that vitamin losses and other changes to the diet can occur during the irradiation process at 25KGy. Please contact us for more information if the diet is to be irradiated.
  • If your intention is to irradiate this diet at 25 KGy we recommend that you consider SF16-096
  • We also make a version of this diet, SF15-059 with banana flavour to improve palatability

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords: cardiovascular disease model, type 2 diabetes model, metabolic syndrome model, diet-induced Obesity, hyperlipidaemia, hyperlipidemia, atherogenic