SF14-154 Increased Vitamin Modification of SF03-002 for Irradiation


A very high fat semi-pure diet formulation for laboratory rats and mice based on AIN-93G.

  • At Specialty Feeds we have become increasingly concerned about the effects of irradiation on vitamins in diets based on AIN-93 formulations.
  • We have some evidence of a significant vitamin loss in diets that have been irradiated at 25 KGy. We have been able to overcome this problem by increasing the vitamin inclusion rates of diets to be irradiated.
  • This diet is based on SF03-002 but we have increased vitamin inclusion rate
  • Total fat content has been increased to 36% fat. Using generally recognised energy data this would equate to a diet where 59.5% of total energy is from lipids.
  • The fats included to make up the total fat content have been chosen to maximise diet palatability whilst retaining a good spread of fatty acids. All known fatty acid requirements have been met or exceeded.
  • We recommend that this diet be transported and stored at less than 15oC. At higher temperatures the diet softens considerably.
  • Calculated digestible energy has increased as a result of the increased fat inclusion.
  • Dietary carbohydrate content is from sucrose only. All starch has been removed from the diet. This has been done primarily to improve pellet strength but may also have some physiological implications.
  • Vitamin and Mineral inclusion rate has been increased proportionally to account for the assumed reduction in voluntary feed intake due to the higher energy density to the control AIN93G (SF09-091: modified AIN93G plus additional Vitamins for Irradiation).
  • A suitable control diet is SF09-091 or SF08-020


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Keywords: sf03-002, irradiation, high fat, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular,