SF09-091 Growth Semi-Pure Rodent Diet (AIN93-G) For Irradiation


A semi-pure diet formulation for laboratory rats and mice based on AIN-93G. This diet satisfies the growth nutritional requirements for rats and mice. Some modifications have been made to the original formulation to suit locally available raw materials.

  • At Specialty Feeds we have become increasingly concerned about the effects of irradiation on vitamins in diets based on AIN-93 formulations.
  • We have some evidence of a significant vitamin loss in diets that have been irradiated at 25 KGy. We have been able to overcome this problem by increasing the vitamin inclusion rates of diets to be irradiated.


Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords: pure diet, semi-pure diet, control diet, growth, AIN93G, AIN, AIN93