Small Marsupial Omnivore Pellets


This diet is designed as a supplementary feed for small omnivorous marsupials.

  • Detailed nutritional requirements of marsupials is not well characterized. This diet was designed using the best information we could obtain from the literature to satisfy the nutritional requirements of a mixed colony of small omnivorous marsupials. The colony contained Western Barred Bandicoot (Perameles bougainville), Bilbies (Macrotis lagotis) and Boodies (Burrowing Bettong) (Bettongia leseur).
  • Feedback from animal carers have indicated that the diet is palatable to most of the individuals of these species.
  • From several studies performed on the gut and faecal contents of wild small omnivorous marsupials it would appear that their natural diet was relatively highly digestible but had a fairly high fibre content. The raw material selection was carefully chosen in an attempt to mimic these nutritional parameters
  • The diet is manufactured as an 4 mm diameter cube 5 – 12 mm long.
  • Packaging is in 20 Kg woven polyethylene bags.

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)