SF14-004  High Fat High Sodium Rodent Diet


A high fat diet based on our standard rat and mouse diet.

  • For general comments see our standard rat and mouse formulation data sheet.

  • The total fat content of this diet has been increased to 22%. In our experience this is the maximum fat content that can be included into a standard pelletised diet. Even at this content a significant loss in pellet strength is apparent. Higher fat contents are possible but we have found that the diet form must change.

  • The increased fat content has resulted in a 28% increase in calculated digestible energy from 14.3 MJ/Kg to 18 MJ/Kg.

  • Sodium has been increased from 0.18% to 0.8%

  • All other nutritional parameters have been kept as close as possible to our standard rat and mouse diet.


Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords:  Cereal, Fat, Salt, cardiac, vascular function, dysfunction, arterial hyper-tension,