SF11-011 3.1% Sodium 8% Fat Rat and Mouse

A fixed formulation cereal grain base diet for laboratory rats and mice. All nutrients meet or exceed NRC requirements.

  • Clarified butter has been added to increase fat content to 8%
  • Sodium Content has been increased to 3.1%
  • The increase in Sodium has resulted in a slight reduction in energy density, protein and fibre.
  • All other nutrient parameters are the same as the control SF10-076 (Low Sodium Rat and mouse 8% Fat).
  • The feed is manufactured in a cylindrical form with a diameter of around 12 mm, length is variable from 10 mm to 30 mm
  • The diet is packed in 5 Kg low gas permeability bags. Vacuum sealed after filling with nitrogen. 2 x 5 Kg bags are loaded into a cardboard carton. This packing form is suited to irradiation, if diet is to be autoclaved it must be transferred into permeable packing.


Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)