SF09-001 High Fat VDRKO Rescue Rodent Diet

A semi-pure diet formulation for Vitamin D Receptor Knock-Out laboratory rodents based on AIN-93G. Some modifications have been made to suit locally available raw materials.

Diet features include:

  • Lactose has been included at 200 grams/Kg
  • Calcium has been increased to 2.0%
  • Phosphorus has been increased to 1.2%
  • Feed is manufactured as a 12 mm diameter cube, vacuum packed.
  • Fat content has been increased to 25% by including 3% Safflower oil and 22% lard.
  • We have evidence that vitamin losses and possibly other changes to the diet can occur when irradiated at 25Kgy. Please contact us for more information if the diet is to be irradiated.


Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)