Specialty Feeds Diet Summary Page

Diet: SF01-030 Low Sodium, Low Chloride Semi Pure Rodent Diet

A fixed formulation semi pure diet based on AIN93G rat and mouse, modified to reduce sodium content.

  • The macro mineral and trace mineral additions to this diet have been selected to minimize sodium and chlorine. A small amount of sodium is present in the casein and starch components of the formulation. Further reductions in Sodium may be possible by careful selection of protein and carbohydrate sources in the diet manufacture. Please contact us if you would like a lower Sodium content.
  • Feeding studies indicate that the diet is deficient in sodium for conventional mouse strains.
  • If an analytical technique is used that mimics the digestive system of rodents (overnight digestion at pH 1.5) sodium is usually estimated at less than 0.005 g / 100 g feed. However if a more aggressive digestion procedure is used (concentrated Nitric acid under oxidizing conditions) results are usually in the range of 0.02 – 0.05g Na / 100 g feed.

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)