SF00-245 16% Fat 1% Cholesterol Semi Pure Rodent Diet


A high fat fixed formulation diet for laboratory rats and mice diet based on AIN93G.

  • This diet was developed in collaboration with Judy DeHaan Klein (Institute of Reproduction and Development, Monash University).
  • The diet relies heavily on two published papers ‘Synthetic low and high fat diets for the study of artheriosclerosis in the mouse’, Nishina et al, J Lipid Research Vol 31 1990 and ‘The mouse as a model for human cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidaemia’, Paigen et al. Current Opinion in Lipidology 1994, 5:258-264.
  • Contains 0.5% Cholate and 1% Cholesterol.
  • A suitable control diet is AIN93G or AIN93M
  • We have received reports of a reduction in feed intake after prolonged feeding with some strains. This can be overcome by the use of food flavourings.
  • In mouse model systems fat deposition is usually evident with 10 weeks.

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords: cardiovascular disease model, atherosclerosis, high fat diet, high cholesterol diet, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerotic lesions, heart disease