SF00-219 22% Fat 0.15% Cholesterol ( “Western Diet”)

image_sf00219_1200x150 A high fat diet for laboratory mice and rats formulated to mimic a “Western fast food diet”. This diet was designed to be equivalent to Teklad TD88137 or Research Diets Western Diet D12079B. Modifications have been made to suit available raw materials.

  • This diet was developed to generate arteriosclerotic lesions in a range of susceptible mouse strains.
  • A suitable control diet is SF04-057
  • This diet was designed around a set of obsolete vitamin inclusion specifications. We have designed a diet around the more recent vitamin specifications as SF05-031
  • A modification suitable for irradiation is SF16-136

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)

Keywords: western diet, cardiovascular disease model, type 2 diabetes model, metabolic syndrome model, diet-induced obesity, hyperlipidaemia, hyperlipidemia, heart disease