Quokka Cubes

A diet designed for Quokka (Setonix brachyurus).

This diet is no longer being held in stock but can be manufactured to order, minimum 1 tonne.

  • Quokka are a small foregut fermenting marsupial native to Western Australia. The most prominent population is on Rottenest Island.
  • This diet was designed around the work of Dr. Byron KAKULUS. This work was published as a book Man Marsupials and Muscle, ISBN 0 85564 172 X in 1982.
  • This diet design has been fed to breeding colonies, zoo colonies and experimental animal colonies for around fifteen years.
  • The vitamin A and vitamin E inclusion in this diet appears to be exceptionally high. I have some doubt that this inclusion rate is necessary, however considering the time that the diet has been in successful use, I am very reluctant to modify this formulation.
  • The diet is manufactured as an 12 mm diameter cube 15 – 25 mm long.
  • Packaging is in 20 Kg woven polyethylene bags.

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)