Kangaroo Cubes


A reformulated balanced diet designed for large foregut fermenting marsupials.

  • Detailed nutritional requirements of marsupials is not well characterised. This diet was designed using the best information we could obtain from the literature and our experience in feeding trials.
  • This diet is designed as a supplementary feed to grazing / browsing large marsupials. The cubes must be fed along with a good quality roughage such as hay or grazing.
  • Diet ingredients are carefully selected to minimise the risk of soft palate damage.
  • Feedback from animal carers have indicated that the diet is palatable to a range of Kangaroo species.
  • The diet is manufactured as an 8 mm diameter cube 10 – 20 mm long.
  • Packaging is in 20 Kg woven polyethylene bags.

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)