High Fibre Rabbit Pellets


A diet for Laboratory Rabbits fortified with vitamins and minerals to meet the requirements of these animals after the diet is autoclaved or irradiated.

  • Feed is designed to be fed ad-lib to animals of all ages, as a complete diet
  • The diet is manufactured as a 4 mm diameter pellet, 4 – 10 mm long.
  • Packaging is in 10 Kg or 20 Kg woven polyethylene bags suitable for direct loading into an autoclave.
  • If the diet is to be autoclaved, the recommended conditions are: Autoclave at 120 C for 20 minutes with a post autoclaving vacuum drying cycle. Some clumping of the diet can be expected, but the diet clumps can usually be easily broken. Modifying the drying time to leave some residual moisture in the diet can minimize the clumping. Do not autoclave at 135 C as this will result in significant clumping that will be difficult to break.

Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)