Guinea Pig and Rabbit Pellets


A fixed formulation diet for Laboratory Guinea Pigs and Rabbits fortified with vitamins and minerals
to meet the requirements of breeding animals after the diet is autoclaved or irradiated. Reformulated
• PLEASE NOTE: Diet was reformulated in 2014 to include Vitamin C. NO other changes
have been made to the formulation
• This hybrid diet has been used successfully in a number of breeding and maintenance
facilities for many years however the diet is designed to be fed in conjunction with fresh green
feedstuffs. If feeding alone a high energy Guinea Pig diet and a high fibre Rabbit Pellet are
• If the diet is to be autoclaved, the recommended conditions are: Autoclave at 120°C for 20
minutes with a post autoclaving vacuum drying cycle. Some clumping of the diet can be
expected, but the diet clumps can usually be easily broken. Modifying the drying time to leave
some residual moisture in the diet can minimise the clumping. Do not autoclave at 135°C as
this will result in significant clumping that will be difficult to break.


Download PDF Datasheet (25kb)